“The Mystery of the Manger” (Sonshine Choir Christmas Program)

The KMBC Sonshine Singers Presents:

“The Mystery of the Manger”

It’s the Gospel Truth!

Created by Celeste Clydesdale

Arranged by David T. Clydesdale

Songs and Soloist in order of appearance:

It’s the Day Before with The Mystery of the Manger

–Soloist: Rachel Martin

–Stage Decorators: Dayne Graham, Jackson Nash, Ella Sevigny, Kinsley Shumaker


Like the Wise Men

–Soloist: William Wright


The Gospel Truth


John Three Sixteen

–Sign Holders: Dayne Grahamm, Summer Hooks


Facts are Facts

–Soloists: Jenna Peacock, Morgan Pope, Tayler Shoulars


Hallelujah! It Came True

–Soloists: Coltan Farrell, Samantha Hundley, Gavin Syverson, Olivia Hinnant


-The Mystery

–Soloist: Emily Moore


-Manger Song

–Soloist: Quintan Farrell

–Narrators: Coltan Farrell & Gavin Syverson


Your Very First Christmas with Like the Wise Men


Cast (in order of appearance):

Mrs. Evans: Rachel Martin

Olivia: Olivia Hinnant

Jay Blonde: William Wright

Abigial: Trinity Shoulars

Ethan: Quintan Farrell

Isabella: Emily Moore

Michael: Ki Hinnant

Cleaning Crew: Morgan Pope (Ethel), Tayler Shoulars (Bernie), Jenna Peacock (Bernice)

Manger Scene: Samantha Hundley (Mary), Caleb Bass (Joseph), Jackson Nash (Angel) Shepherds: Morgan Pope, Tayler Shoulars, Jenna Peacock


Other Credits:

Director: Donna Gregorski

Drama Director: Joy Wright

Production Team: Tim Moore, Matthew Grubb, Matt Clarke, Kelly Sperry


Piano Prelude by Donna Gregorski’s Piano Students

-God Rest Ye Marry, Gentlemen – Matthew Savage

-O Come, All Ye Faithful – Nora Savage

-Silent Night – Karin Savage, Donna Gregorski

-O Holy Night – Catherine Savage, Donna Gregorski

-Away in a Manger – Matthew Savage

-Carol of the Bells – Nora Savage

-What Child is This? – Catherine Savage

-We Wish You a Merry Christmas – Karin Savage, Donna Gregorski